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Robline - Optimist Tapered Mainseet

FSE Robline Tapered Optimist Mainsheet

FSE Robline manufacture some of the very best in dinghy and yacht ropes - this is no exception.

  • Colour - Blue/ Silver
  • Total Length - 7 m
  • Section Diameters/ mm - 6/9/6
  • Section Lengths/ m - 1.5/ 2.5/ 3

FSE's tapered lines feature outstanding properties such as excellent abrasion resistance, extra low stretch, and the use of top-quality polyester from selected suppliers

A specialised line, the Opti Main Sheet is double tapered - thinner at the ends, thicker in the centre where it provides excellent hand grip. The smaller line diameter at the ends reduces friction in blocks and sheaves, for lower physical effort on the sailor.

It is constructed of a mix of Dyneema® with a polyester yarn for high loads, low stretch and excellent grip


Price: £60.00


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